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We think about our big day being an unforgettable experience that we’ve dreamed of for years. What we don’t always think about are the tiny details in the midst of all of the wedding day magic. Without these details, that “WOW” effect just doesn’t happen. Here’s a few helpful tips to follow to make sure your day turns out to be everything you’ve hoped for.  

The Must Do’s

Do Make Sure Everything Gets There

& Goes Home in One Piece –

Scrambling before & after the wedding festivities is the last thing every bride and groom should have to worry about on their big day. Designate someone to be in charge of all your set up and take down, or call us! One of the great things about working with Endless Treasures is that we not only offer rentals, but style & design services for your event. Also, installation & retrieval can be arranged as well. We work closely with the bride and groom, their vendors, and your venue to insure everything is as expected for your big day.  Let ET be your pack up crew, not cousin Bob who took full advantage of the open bar.

Do Set Up a Decor Budget –

When planning a wedding there is usually an overall budget, however, there’s not always a specific budget for all of the necessities. Choose your areas of focus to divide your budget amongst. Amenities such as decor, backdrops, ceremony arbor, aisle decor, lighting, tables, linens, centerpieces, and everything in between should all have a budget as well.

Do Re-Read Your Contract Often –

A lot of the “day of” problems can be solved before the day of the wedding by simply just reading your contract again. If you show up to your wedding with real candles, but aren’t allowed to have them at your venue, you have a big “day of” problem. If you re-read your contract again a few weeks prior, you can resolve the issue before your big day.

Do Choose Experienced Vendors –

Choose vendors who have work you love and are people you can trust. You’re paying for things to turn out a certain way for a reason. If you can’t trust that they’ll be a positive asset to your team, don’t hire them. Always ask around for the best vendors, or take a look at their reviews! Endless Treasures is an insured company providing our professional services in over 600 events and 5 years of experience in the industry.

Do Make Sure Your Day is Organized and Planned so That Your Biggest Worry is to Have Fun –

You’ve said “yes”, you’ve planned, and now it’s time to say “I do”! Enjoy this magical day with all of your friends and family. If everything is planned correctly you won’t have any worries and your day will be the dream you and your significant other deserve.

The Don’ts

Don’t Forget to Bring Extras –

Things like extension cords, zip ties, scissors, and command strips are always a necessity when putting together any event. Bringing extra napkins, extra sets of china, and anything else that you may end up needing for those guests that do not RSVP.

Don’t Pay for Lighting, but Never Turn it On –

As surprising as it sounds, it happens quite often. The entire mood of your event is set by all the finishing touches, especially your lighting. If you’re paying for a lighted backdrop or our beautiful LOVE letters, make sure to designate someone to turn them on right before your event begins.

Don’t Forget to Ask Your Photographer for Detailed Shots –

Your amazing photographer is there to capture all the fun, smiles, and memories in action. One request that’s often left out is to capture pictures of all your beautiful pieces. You not only hand pick but spend money on certain pieces to bring an extra level of “WOW” factor to your event. These are things that should be remembered as well. Ask your photographer to capture these images, because trust me you will be too busy to remember all these details so having the memories to look back on is important.

Don’t Have Any Regrets –

When it comes to your wedding don’t take on too much. Having 10 time consuming DIY projects for yourself isn’t doing anything but adding extra stress you don’t need. It’s okay to have a few things to do but don’t end up regretting not paying the extra fifty dollars to have the same tasks completed professionally for you. Looking back in ten years on your wedding day you want to think “wow, what a beautiful day”, not “ugh, I wish I would have rented that rustic arbor and those hand crafted farm tables”.

Don’t Forget to Eat & Breathe –

As crazy as it seems to forget these essential things, they’ve been forgotten many times before. It’s your big day and you have several things planned, people to see, but remember to take just a few minutes to breathe and grab a bite to eat.  Behind all of the planning, glam, and renting, keep in mind your day is truly about you two.

 Now that you have all the Do’s & Don’ts to prepare for your big day, let us help you! Contact Endless Treasures Vintage Rentals today!